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March 2017 Links

Posted by Don Weiss on March 5, 2017 at 11:55 PM

Some stories I came across recently -

1. How To Survive A Mass Shooting - from Gizmodo - a nice, down to earth article - emphasizing preventative measures, and being prepared in dress and actions.

2. Why Not? - from Raconteur Report - a list of actions that people should be prepared to do at a moments notice - or recognize a deficiency and correct it. This could be adapted to the cruisers' world - again, all about being prepared.

3. Thoughts on.. - from Modern Combatives System - a thoughtful article on why you shouldn't hit people with your fist, or with some of the 'punching' tools. One I recommend as 'safe' for the user is the Stinger - available from the good folks at ComTech.

Wish the photo tool was working - oh, well. Have a great day, train smart. As always, any questions, drop me a line. Don

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