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Posted by Don Weiss on April 28, 2017 at 2:10 AM

From https://www.safetyandsecuritynet.com/date-2016-10-27-2200-country-name-svg-location-detail-mayreau-salt-whistle-bay-event-theft/" target="_blank">Safety and Security Net - two articles. I haven't been re-posting most of their news - hoping that readers (all three of you 8)) will be checking/subscribing to the site. These two today I choose to highlight.

1) Mayreau Salt Whistle Bay, SVG - items stolen from an unlocked yacht that was boarded. Please lock your vessels when not onboard - it at least keeps the honest people honest.

2) Vieques Isabel Segunda, Puerto Rico - thieves stole a locked outboard motor off of a dinghy. From the site - CSSN NOTE: This is the sixth report of theft from Vieques in 2017, and the first this year from Isabel Segunda. The thieves operating in Vieques are well prepared and seem beyond the interest or reach of authorities there. If you choose to visit Vieques, best practices are called for, LIFT and LOCK (securely) dinghies when not in use.

And here is an article on basic Internet privacy - https://magenta.as/3-easy-steps-to-reclaim-your-internet-privacy-b4ed616affa2" target="_blank">3 Easy Steps to Reclaim Your Internet Privacy. On the Internet privacy theme, a couple of points - Opera Browser now has a version that comes with a built in VPN function - not (in my opinion) as good as a dedicated VPN, but pretty cool. Also, consider using an encrypted email service (such as protonmail) for your emails - nothing is 100% 'secure' - but some small steps are worth taking.

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