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I recommend bringing along a couple of their items when traveling -

1. The Walkabout Door Lock is an essential if you're planning on staying in budget lodgings, and recommended no matter where you stay. Extremely simple to use, it installs on a door in seconds. A quick-release feature allows for fast emergency exit. Stops anyone from entering your room, from mysterious strangers to unwanted maids at hostels. Small and lightweight: 1.7 ounces, 1 x 5 inches. Inexpensive, too.


Walkabout Door Lock

2. The Security Plus Personal Travel Alarm is small and lightweight yet emitsa screeching 130 decibels when the trigger pin is pulled. Designedto clip to belt, purse, or clothing, we recommend carrying it whenwandering about -- just in case. The alarm can also be rigged to yourpack or suitcase so the pin is pulled and the alarm screams when yourluggage is moved. Even better, the Security Plus Personal Travel Alarm comeswith a clip that attaches to any door or window, and triggers thealarm if the door or window is opened. (You should buy it even ifyou're an armchair traveler!) Uses one 9V battery; not included. Very small and lightweight: 3 x 2 1/4 x 1 inches; 3 ounces without battery.

Security Plus Personal Travel Alarm

3. The Flaresafe is an indispensable three-in-one travel safety product that has beenwidely praised by travel experts. (When was the last time you saw a smoke detector in Turkey ... or Morocco ... Nepal ... Honduras ...) Time magazine recently reviewed FlareSafe (July 2007). Its verdict: "For extra security, pack a FlareSafe ... [it] could save your life".

FlareSafe combines three safety features in one compact unit:

 - A smoke detector that will alert you to a fire in your hotel, B&B or hostel.

- A security alarm that lets others know if you run into trouble.

- A powerful LED flashlight.If smoke is detected by its infrared optics, a 110-decibel alarm siren (which can beheard up to 500 meters away and which lasts for more than 60 hours) sounds and theflashlight activates.

The purpose behind FlareSafe is a serious one – to save lives. After the Childers hostel fire in Australia in June 2000 in which 15 backpackers died, the developers startedthinking about what travelers could take with them to avoid a similar catastrophe. FlareSafe is constructed of tough military-grade plastics, with batteries included. Compact(15cm by 4.5cm) and lightweight. (Eight ounces / 230 grams.)

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